Parlor Performances
To see if we look as good as we play, come and watch our parlor performances.
A Unique Listening Experience...Order our CD here!
A musical feast in the form of our first CD, now available to the world.
The Members of the Orchestra
For those of you who are curious about the people who play this type of music, you may, perchance, make this selection your choice of the moment.
A brief discussion, with appropriate musical examples, of the variety of banjos used to create this melodious sound.
Wherein you will be treated to audio delicacies of which the Orchestra is known far and wide. CAUTION: not to be approached by those with frail sensibilities.
Photo Gallery
Lest you think that these events are only in the mind, we present a photo gallery of early banjo orchestras.
To appease your hunger for musical knowledge, we have included a banquet table of musical delights.

New Criterion Banjo Orchestra

Welcome to the New Criterion Banjo Orchestra's website. This site, like the young and fragile flowers of the Victorian Era, is being nurtured along carefully. As time goes by, I hope you will check back to see how it is growing.

Our goal is to preserve the orchestrated banjo music of the late Victorian, early Edwardian eras. Once popular, it is almost never heard today.

Early Photo of the Frank S. Morrow Banjo Band